5 Best Legit Essay Writing Services in USA


Have you been trying to find legit essay writing services online to no avail? Well, that is the challenge thousands of college and university students are also going through. Luckily, we have developed this trustworthy essay writing service review to help you find the right one in no time. To achieve this honorable but tedious objective, we will use the following guiding principles:

  • The online reputation of the company
  • Their customer support
  • The range of their prices
  • Benefits you would get from them
  • The overall quality of their papers

Therefore at the end of this legit essay writing service review, you should be in a position to pick one that will help you achieve your academic goals.

Top Legit Essay Writing Services Online Reviewed

Are you eager to make the right choice and get that long-awaited A+? Get ready as we review five of the top-rated legit paper writing services in the USA and beyond.

  1. MyCustomEssay.com

MyCustomEssay is without doubt one of the most legit essay writing services in the US. Most students know Mycustomessay.com for its customized papers that have helped many graduates with First-Class Honors Degrees. You may think that their professionally personalized papers are expensive, but that is not the case. Their prices range from $17.55 per page. It comes with a streamlined structure, accurate referencing, and in-depth research and ideas.

If you want your paper edited, you will get it from $11.70 per page. Those in need of proofreading can get it done from $9.95 per page. They have an excellent customer support system that attends to every need accordingly. Most reviews rate the customer assistance of this legitimate essay writing service at 4.6/5. You can have confidence with any paper you get from them since they have a unique way of curating content to please your professor to the core.

Services Provided

You will always expect every reliable essay writing service to deliver a certain number of benefits. However, this one goes beyond the norm to offer services that will make you have a professional paper magnet for top-notch grades. When I began looking for legit essay help, I once encountered these services, and they came through in a significant way. Some of the benefits you can find from this legit website that writes essays for you include:

  • Buy essay online
  • Business essays for college students
  • Custom dissertation writing
  • Buy articles and IB extended essays
  • Find research paper topics
  • Custom coursework assistance
  • Nursing essays

Their legit essay writers will always ensure that you achieve your goals painstakingly. Furthermore, they have experts in every department, and as such, you will get quality work in no time.


Whatever need you may have, Mycustomessay.com will always come through for you. They are like that person who sees through your eyes and tells you precisely what you want. Students who have been using the help of this legit writing service always excel in their studies with tip-top grades. Here are other advantages that you will reap with papers from this service:

  • Effective communication: You will never miss a way of communicating with your writer or seeking help in case of any technical challenge. They have a toll-free phone number, a sales, support, and a billing email inquiry system. With all these, you will always have an option B or C in case option the first option fails.
  • Instant discounts: Who doesn’t like discounts? They have an option where you can get a deal instantly. With this, you will be able to save on costs and achieve more with less.
  • Trusted experts in every field: If you are looking for a custom essay writing service with proven industry professionals, this should always be your number one stop! Their academic qualifications are beyond imagination, and you will never miss scoring top grades.
  • Easy to navigate website: Their website caught my eye, especially with the fantastic graphics on its homepage. On top of that, you will easily find your way around and access any service as first as possible. Every feature you need is placed right precisely where it is supposed to be for your convenience.

Final Thoughts

My verdict would be, do not slack when trying out this essay writing services legit. You will thank me later when you impress your lecturer with a world-class paper from them.

  1. WriteMyEssay.Today

I heard of this college essay help from a colleague of mine in school. He talked well of it, and I thought that whatever he said was too good to be true. I decided to try it out to disapprove of my colleague. To my surprise, I got an impressive paper that blew my mind away. I also went through several essay writing services reviews to ascertain their expertise, exceeding my expectations.

You can count on this service to help you meet that limited budget when it comes to costs. With $17.56, you will walk away with 100% original content, style-based formatting, and comprehensive editing. I also love how the customer care agents respond fast and comprehensively to every query. You do not have to go through the long waiting process to get an answer to your question. Having used their online chat system for some time now, I can confidently say it is the best among other legal essay writing help services.

Services Provided

Writemyessay.today offers services that walk with students in every step of their academic journey. You will fall in love with the way they organize their services in a manner that you can kill two birds with one stone. Furthermore, the costs attached to every one of these services do not cause pain on the part of the student. Are you ready to climb the next step on the ladder of academic success? Try out the following options from this essay writer service:

  • Admission essay writing service
  • Law essay writing
  • Sociology essays
  • Lab reports
  • Essay editing services
  • Proofreading services
  • Custom English essays
  • Cheap essays for sale

Every time you use any of their services, you will always have a new and exciting experience. You will never use this service and fail to come back!


The beauty of academic success is looking back at the decisions you made and counting them worthy. One of those decisions would be choosing Writemyessay.today as your university essay writing service. Students’ benefits from this service are tremendous, and you can never get enough of all these perks. Apart from the usual offerings on other ‘do my essay’ services in London, here are additional perks:

  • Impressive editing services: When you use the services of this essay writer, you will get formatting and styles of all kinds, improved structure, and optimized content flow. They also offer additional proofreading, which enhances the quality of your paper to international standards.
  • You are the boss! They allow you to state your goal in terms of the project’s specifics, however intricate they may be in your sight. You will also be able to outline your objective, see the costs, and set the deadline. In other words, you dictate what appears on your paper.
  • Unique papers are all you get! They eliminate plagiarism and give you a one-of-a-kind paper tailored to your needs.
  • Safe payments: Your financial information is as secure as the classified files in Pentagon or the White House. Hackers will have to tear apart this website before getting access to any detail.

Final Thoughts

Make the right decision today by choosing Writemyessay.today. You will feel the joy and satisfaction that comes with academic success to the full measure.

  1. ProEssayWriting.co.uk

Are you in the UK and struggling to find a legitimate and professional essay writer online? Well, here is a brilliant option for you! ProEssayWriting allows students to pay for essay writing at affordable costs and score top-of-the-class grades. Most reviews classify this company among the legit research paper writing services globally.

The quality of their papers is always on point, and I have not seen any student complain of spelling or grammar mistakes. Most of the happy clients say that they follow the guidelines of the students to the core to achieve a professional paper. Their response rate also stands at 98.8%, with credible and detailed answers. I especially loved how they responded to my query the other day on what services they offer and how I can use their ‘write my essay for me’ services. Become a pro today by trying out a paper from ProEssayWriting.co.uk.

Services Provided

Their expert services are always on point – what you need is what you get! Unlike other paper writers that throw services here and there, this one has a dedicated service page that consolidates all these together for a better experience. They have ensured that every problem within the academic sphere has a professional attached to it to offer help. Even if you need research topics, tips, and ideas to ace your paper, you will always have someone to sort you out. Other custom services here include:

  • Writing help for scholarship essays
  • Buy essay
  • Reflective essay writing
  • Discursive essay help
  • Essay plans
  • Essay structure and formatting assistance
  • Tips on how to write essay introduction and conclusion

These and more services will help you rise to the ranks of successful academic legends. Do not miss out on that scholarship opportunity just because you cannot write a scholarship essay. Help is right here!


ProEssayWriting.co.uk treats every client to impressive perks every day. Their bag of goodies never runs out – every day, you will always have something extra to make you come back. Some of these goodies are as follows:

  • Unlimited revisions: Whenever you feel like a missing link in your paper, you can always have it revised for free. They offer up to ten days of revision until you find the right piece that you want.
  • Editorial review: ProEssayWriting.co.uk has a pool of top-class editors who understand every academic standard. They review every paper from top to bottom, leaving nothing to chance until you have a perfect project.
  • 2X plagiarism checker: We all understand how detrimental plagiarism can be, especially to a final year student in college or university. That is why this service checks papers twice with the most superior plagiarism checkers. The result will be an original and fresh paper with no hits on the internet or their database.
  • 3-hour turn-around time: Have you been a victim of delayed orders or late submissions of incomplete papers? Well, here is a game-changer. This service helps students score at the top of their class without missing any deadline.

They vet every one of their writers to ensure that what you get is what your professor expected.

Final Thoughts

Do not struggle through your college life, yet you can use the help of top-notch assistants from ProEssayWriting.co.uk.

  1. UsEssayWriters.com

UsEssayWriters.com is a common term on the lips of every student in the US. Their existence and presence in the academic writing arena have been of impact to most academic projects. That is why if you are thinking, ‘who can write my essay for me’ in New York, this site will always be among the top results. They guarantee you high-class papers which attract top grades like a magnet.

Whenever you get an essay from them, you can always be sure of a new feel, refined touch, and professional look. Their prices start from $17.55 per page, which contains 300 words. They also edit projects for $11.70 and proofread for $9.96 per page. With their papers, you can be sure of a complete grammar check, zero typos, and an intensive punctuation audit. Have a brilliant essay to present to your professor from UsEssayWriters.com.


They handle anything that has the name ‘writing’ on it. Every academic assignment to them is like a hobby that they endeavor to complete professionally. They also understand the critical role of time in any project and curate their services according to the time needed to meet them. Their services also guarantee you instant results and a sense of fulfillment, especially for defining projects like dissertation papers. More of the ‘pay someone to write my essay’ services on this platform include:

  • Sample essays for sale
  • Correct my essay services
  • Thesis writing services
  • Proofread my essay services
  • Custom essay writing
  • MBA essay help
  • Research paper writing services

As you continue using these services, you will realize that they become part of you. Others have gone ahead to classify this writing service as ‘one of the essential elements of success.’


Many students ask, ‘are essay writing services legit?’ One of the benefits you will enjoy from this service is the assurance that it is legitimate. With all the accreditation papers at hand, you can trust any piece you get since they are accountable to someone. You will also feel secure whenever you try any of their services since they are from a professional company. Other benefits are as follows:

  • Detailed money-back policy: It gives students security for their money in case of any eventualities. Their comprehensive money-back policy states the terms under which you can have your money back with legal backing. Therefore, you can always win a lawsuit against them if they withhold your money.
  • An appealing website: How do you feel when you land on an online page that gives you a relaxing and welcoming feel? Well, that is what you get when you visit UsEssayWriters.com. They do not have all those noisy graphics you see on other websites or long and unnecessary wordings on the various pages.
  • Highly rated writers: Their ENL experts are mostly post-graduates in various fields. You will never find an amateur here at any instance.
  • Affordable rates: For the first orders, you will always have a discount. Other custom papers also come with rates that every student can afford.

Final Words

Make an impression today by getting a paper from UsEssayWriters.com. They are the best option for those struggling with low grades.

  1. MyPaperWriter.com

Every academic need demands a unique writing service that will meet that need. MyPaperWriter.com comes in to fill all the gaps left by the other writing services. This service produces impressive tip-top papers from intensive research, detailed writing, and thorough proofreading. A survey at the top essay review sites will show you that this site is legit and credible – you can always send them a request “please, write my paper” and be sure you’ll get quality help. Its prices also range within those of top legit paper writer services.

They offer project-specific formatting, accurate referencing, extensive research and analysis, and consistent flow. Whenever you reach out to them for any inquiry, they are ready to help. They have a live chat which will ensure that you communicate to your writer in real-time. Those who desire to make a difference in their academic performance should try out this service today. It is a sure guarantee for top results.

Services Provided

Apart from writing, editing, and proofreading, they also provide other services which help students hone their academic skills. College and university students can always count on this writing service to meet all their educational needs at a go. Whether you have a complex research paper or a short essay, they are always ready to help you deliver. Look at some of the writing services they offer in the list below:

  • Term papers for sale
  • Edit my paper
  • Do my research paper
  • College paper writers
  • Revise my paper
  • Reviews
  • Check grammar
  • Conclusion generator

You only need to their feature-rich website to access all these services and more. These services will smoothen your academic journey and help you reach the top effortlessly. Every service offered is relevant and thus necessary for you to try out to achieve the maximum results in your college studies.


If you choose to complete your assignment with this writing service, you have a guarantee of a countless list of benefits. Their benefits are long-term in such a way that you will spend less for more. What is more appealing is that all their services align with the university and college standards globally. Try them out today to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Strict confidentiality: They strive to ensure that your identity remains hidden from anyone who may sabotage you in any way. These may include colleagues in college or professors who snoop around to find students using online writing services. With their 256-bit encryption, your security is guaranteed.
  • Their services are friendly with every time zone: With their flexible and apt writers, you can always get your paper at any time. They have a pool of top-notch writers who work round the clock to ensure that you are not a victim of late submissions.
  • Help with every format: Their writers understand the various forms for different institutions and, as such, can deliver them effectively. Whether it is an admission paper, a lab report, or a long history paper, they will do the magic for you.
  • Over 500 expert writers: These will assure you of top-grade papers of any kind. Your name will have a place in the hall of fame once you begin using this service.

Final Thoughts

Make every paper count with expert assistance from Mypaperwriter.com. You will love assignments more than ever!

Best Legit Essay Writing Services Review

After that intensive description of the five legit writing services, you can now have your academic life under control. We are sure that you can now get papers that align with your goals and budget as well. School should now be the best thing you enjoy in life, especially during weekdays. Even as you continue using these services, remember that these papers should only inspire you towards producing a professional project of your own. Do not merely copy and paste whatever you find from these services and submit them. That will only deter you from becoming the academic guru you aspire to be in the future.

Now, here are some points to consider:

How To Choose A Legal Essay Writing Service

The process of finding a legit essay writing service can leave you with migraine sometimes. With the millions of cheap essay writing services in USA, it is no doubt that you would have to dig deeper to land on the right one. To make your work easier, here are some of the top points to consider when choosing an essay writing service:

  • Does it meet your academic needs? You first have to identify what you want to achieve before making an order. It will include the quality of your paper and the timelines. To check these, check out the different reviews on various platforms and compare notes. See the experience of other students and decide for yourself whether that is the route you also plan to go.
  • The overall presentation of the website speaks volumes: In this age and era of digital transformation, it is easy to create a website. Even sites have templates where you only change the name and the product listing for the website. Con men use such to lure unsuspecting students. Therefore, consider looking at the properties of a professional website before choosing any.
  • The company’s existence: Online writing began decades ago, and as such, some companies have been, in fact, for over 20 years. Such is the mark of a legitimate writing service. Going for companies that have only been around for several months or two years and below can lower your chances of scoring top grades. It has become the cheapest way con artists milk millions of dollars out of students and even professionals.

These three are critical when you want to decide on a particular paper writer. Remember that these are flexible and may carry other considerations which you cannot overlook. The crucial point is to ensure that you do not have doubts by the time you are making your order. If there is anything that raises eyebrows, deal with it before it lowers your graduation esteem.

Scroll down for this next important section,

How To Find Legit Paper Writing Services Online

Finding is a critical process that involves a lot of activities. For instance, if you want to find the best dissertation writing service, you will first have to go through the worst and mimic the best before arriving at it. That is what is involved in finding a legit essay writing service. You will have to comb through dozens of websites and blogs before you land on it. But when you see it, you will have peace that will carry you all through to graduation. Below is a simple procedure on what to do:

  • Confirm its registration details from the relevant authorities
  • Look at the kind of language it uses to win its clients
  • Scan through the website to identify any forgery or duplication of content
  • Ask past users of their experiences with that website

After following these steps, you will find that you will have a legit writing service that will ground you at the top of your class. Not only will your professor respect you, but he might also give you a course to teach – I was once a beneficiary of such.

Nobody should convince you otherwise that there are no legit writing services. They are there, and students continue to shine globally with the help of such companies. Those who refute this will always revolve their argument around plagiarism which is not the case. There are paper helpers globally who produce fresh and captivating papers nowadays.

Features of Legit Writing Websites

The challenge of sifting out the fake from the real is quite tedious. However, here are some of the marks of legit writing websites:

  • Open communication
  • Pricing flexibility
  • Professionalism
  • Policy on discretion
  • Plagiarism report

These can act as a checklist for you when identifying a legitimate website to complete your assignment.


  1. Are there any legit essay writing services?

There is a long list of legitimate writing services available on the internet. You only need to do your due diligence before ascertaining the right one out of the crooks. Students who have mastered the art of identifying legit paper writers read reviews like this or go ahead to research for themselves. Some of the legit paper helpers include Mycustomessay.com, WriteMyEssay.Today, ProEssayWriting.co.uk, UsEssayWriters.com, and MyPaperWriter.com. There are others that you can find upon researching online or asking for recommendations from your friends. However, you should always be sure before proceeding. Remember, the results will be yours and not those of your classmate or friend who recommended a site to you.

  1. How reliable are essay writing services?

Professional essay writing services are geniuses at what they do. Most of them have been around for decades which opens us space for experience and diverse skills. These are reliable and can help you with any task. If you find essay helpers who have been offering help for over ten years, you can entrust them with your project at zero doubt. Such companies will deliver what you want and even exceed the expectations of your professor. Never allow an assignment to torment you, yet you can ask for a helper and find one in seconds. They are reliable, and their flexibility is one that I admire the most.

  1. Are essay writing websites legit?

Yes, these services are completely legit. You can always get quality papers with excellent aftercare services for the legit ones, which will attract you to them again. You can identify a legit essay writer by looking at their duration of service, quality of papers, transparency of services, and costs attached to their offerings. Also, consider the opinion of others on the particular website to know whether it is legit or not. You should always approach this subject with the seriousness it deserves because this will count for your graduation.

  1. How can I find a reliable essay writer?

It all begins with setting your priorities right and conducting due diligence. You know that the core role of this person is to write your paper, and as such, there are writing skills that they should have. Such include preciseness, speed, grammar, punctuation, and flow, among others. You should always ensure that they graduated in the particular subject of your assignment. Most reliable essay writers have over 20 years of experience handling different types of tasks. Therefore, a dedicated writer should be one who will help you meet your academic goals. You can find them on top essay writing websites after reviewing the profile of each of them. A reliable one should be able to complete your assignment effortlessly.


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