8 Most Effective Ways to Improve Essay Writing Skills


Essay writing is a reality for most students, but the process of writing essays can also be decisive for the college career of many students. Romania has the lowest percentage of people with a university degree in the European Union, and currently just over half a million students are enrolled in university in a country of 19 million. inhabitants. At the same time, Romania is experiencing a massive “brain drain” as the country’s best educated people migrate out of Romania to find better opportunities. For students who want to study abroad, one of the most effective skills they can develop is writing essays in English, which is often a ticket to success at some of the best universities in the world.

So what can you do to improve your essay writing skills? In his article, we will look at effective techniques to improve your English essay writing skills.

Read lots of essays

One of the best ways to improve your writing skills is to become a voracious reader. The more you read quality writing as an essay writer, the more you will understand the rhythms and structure of great essays. Each year, several publishers produce “Best Of” anthologies that collect non-fiction essays and articles on a range of topics, and this can be an effective starting point for exposure to quality essays and mediums. efficient to write them.

Build your vocabulary

Developing essay writing skills means having the building blocks to build great essays. In this case, developing your English vocabulary can help you produce more effective essays. That doesn’t mean you should use the biggest, most complicated words to show off. Instead, it means having the right words to say exactly what you want to say when you write.

Improve your mechanics

An academic essay can only be good if it is clear and grammatically correct. Building your writing mechanics can help you write stronger and more effective essays. Many schools offer tutorials, training, or resources to help you with grammar, spelling, punctuation, organization, style, clarity, and fluency. By focusing on the fundamentals, you’ll get a stronger overall essay by laying a solid foundation that you can build on with higher-level reasoning and analytical skills.

Befriend a Librarian

Your school’s library is a portal to high-quality academic resources that will make your paper stronger and better grounded in research. Don’t rely entirely on a search engine like Google to find resources. Many academic papers require academic research, which often involves scholarly databases accessible only through a library. Your library’s librarians are excellent resources to help you locate sources and learn how to use databases effectively to find sources. By taking advantage of the help of your librarians, you can develop better articles with more powerful research to impress your instructors.

Develop your transitions

Essays that read easily are more likely to be rated higher than those that seem choppy. One way to help make your trials smooth is to invest in your transitions. Transitions are words and phrases that connect paragraphs and sections together to show how what follows relates to what precedes. Words like “likewise,” “in contrast,” “therefore,” and “however” show the reader how a new paragraph flows from the previous paragraph. There are many different types of transitions, so learning to develop a range of options can help keep your essay lively and flowing.

Write an outline before you start writing the essay

One of the most effective ways to improve your writing and write quickly is to use an outline. The description allows you to work through the process of organizing information and identifying what to include and exclude before you start writing the actual document. When you have a fully developed outline, you will have a roadmap that will allow you to write your article faster and more efficiently than if you improvise as you go. It’s not just a busy job! The more time and effort you put into the writing process, the easier and faster the actual writing of the paper will be once you sit down to start writing.

Allow time for editing and proofreading

Once you’ve finished writing your draft, you’re not done with your paper. You should always allow time to revisit your first draft to make changes and revisions that will improve the final product. Read your article once to check for content and clarity, make any necessary revisions, and then review it a second time to catch any lingering mechanical errors. The closer your draft is to flawless, the less likely it is that a writing error will distract your teacher and cost you points.

Consider Using an Essay Writing Service

Seeing how a professional would write papers for you can help free you from the challenges of college term paper writing. Many students benefit from using a professional essay writing service to write them personalized papers. A custom essay is usually written by an expert writer to meet the specific requirements of your assignment. When you get help from a professional writer, you can see how an expert would research and develop an article on your exact topic, giving you a detailed roadmap that you can use as a template to help you develop your own article.


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