A Complete Guide to Custom Essay Writing


You learn to write an essay when you are in elementary school. Over time, essay writing becomes more complicated and the things you learned in grade school become stale. Now you have to apply more effort and do better research to write an essay. But most people don’t want to engage in work such as research, proofreading, and editing. So, to make it easier for you, let’s watch this comprehensive guide to essay writing by https://legitimateessaywriting.com/ and become a professional writer.


Before you start to WRITE, you need to understand the meaning of an essay. As the essay is not only a reflection of your ideas, it also shows that you have understood the meaning of the subject you are going to write about.

The first thing about an essay that may come to mind is a story or a long article. For example, a small essay will take an hour to write, then a more complex essay will take a few hours to finally cut to the chase. An essay is mostly made up of a series of paragraphs and can have five or more parts. You should mainly include an introduction, a body and a conclusion.

Let’s take a look at the easy personalized writing steps:


Here you have to select the subject of the essay. When you have a topic, you need to think about the main things about it. After understanding the main idea, you first need to get straight to the point. When you are thinking about the subject, just reading it will not complete your task. You can underline key phrases and try to explain the same in your words. With this, you will understand what you are going to note and ways to convey it to the public.

You have to find the ideas that will complete the essay. You can start with the regular questions about the subject you have, who, why, what, where and when. You have to focus on the ideas and you have to save the idea of ​​writing the introduction for later. When you think of the ideas, it will be better to write them down, and so you will finally find the highlights.


At this point you already have the main ideas and you will start creating the outline. You should also search for some literature, which will be included in the first and second part. When researching the literature, the analysis and brainstorming you did earlier will help you here. Here you will use the key phrases and work with the key points you have selected in the relevant places.

You need to critically evaluate the sources and check how well they can help you write the entire article. When you gather the sources for a thesis, you must add your opinion on the subject. You should avoid putting it directly; you just have to specify it,


Here, writing an essay will become a serious thing. You need to grab your readers’ attention with the first two or three sentences. You should start each paragraph with mentions of the main idea. If you stick to this structure, you will never stray from the key point and you can get the message across.

At the writing stage, the words needed to create the essay will be grouped together in one place and will build the complete story. Finally, you should summarize the information you wrote down in the essay section. This way, the reader will have a clear idea of ​​the piece.


In this part, your essay will go through some small to big changes. Here you can add some thoughts that you think are necessary. Also, if you forgot to link some information; you can add them to the trial. You can also remove some details to keep the essay within the word restriction. You can also compare your writing with a university thesis to check the structure of your essay.


Here you might encounter some technical issues. You should check grammar, spelling, and punctuation, eliminate repetition, and seek clarity. This is a detailed work, so you need to pay attention to this part.


Finally, at this point, you should read the essay as if you were the reader. You don’t have to read it as you wrote it. You have to pay attention to every line of the room and find the imperfection there. Once you have found the flaws, your task will be to eliminate them. It’s best to underline and correct them after you’ve finished reading them. You can get an impression of ease for convenience.


You can ask your friends to help you proofread. They can indicate the section where it should be modified. Make sure to read this article carefully and you will understand the main steps of writing a successful essay.

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