Cameroon: Essay writing competition – 70 laureates get scholarships in first form


They were selected from 418 candidates who participated in the exercise in August 2021.

There are 70 students now receiving scholarship to study in first year at different colleges in Cameroon thanks to their ability to participate in a public trial. They were drawn in the South West region, Obala, Goura, Nguila, Akonolinga, Bokito and Nkondjock with each of the named places producing 10 winners out of the 418 competitors who took the competition in August 2021. The subject was ” Identify and explain some of the causes of violence in our schools.

The winners offered their various scholarships to Buea on Saturday, December 4, 2021. They have been classified into three categories. The first group obtained 80,000 FCFA, testimonial and didactic material, the second 60,000 FCFA, testimonial and didactic material and the third obtained 40,000 FCFA, testimony and didactic material. Tabot Sophie Yayah, from Mutengene, has established herself as Cameroon’s best essayist. She expressed her joy to be in school thanks to a scholarship and intends to excel in her studies in order to earn more such scholarships in the future.

The scholarship was in its 3rd year and aimed to promote education among rural cocoa farming communities, as all of the contestants were children of cocoa farmers who sold their products to AgroProduce Management Services (AMS) Mutengene. Etake Divine Ngaaje, national director of AMS, said their job is to buy and export cocoa, but they are concerned for the welfare of their producers. Reasons why they offered a scholarship to their children so that in the future they can continue to produce cocoa in a better approach. “I’m sure our scholarships are a big relief for farmers and it shows how much we value education. Others should see and know that education is important, ”he said.


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