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Writing a college application essay can be intimidating for high school students, causing a level of frustration that Fulbright scholar and Swarthmore College and Cape High graduate Griffin Kammerer hope to alleviate.

“My goal is to make it less intimidating,” Kammerer said. “You put in the effort and I can help you with the skills and experience I gained as a writing associate and speaking associate at Swarthmore College Writing Center. “

Kammerer said he decided to start GK Writing Services after being contacted in the past for help as a writing coach. Not only does the service help aspiring students, it also enables Kammerer to achieve his personal goals.

After college, Kammerer received a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Fulbright Fellowship in Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia, where he taught grades 7-11 at a local school from 2018 to 2019.

“My experience in Malaysia has been great,” said Kammerer. “When I got home I wondered why can’t I do something like this in my own community? I grew up and hadn’t realized all that was done for me, so now I’m trying to give back.

Kammerer says he’s developing a partnership with students that helps them become better writers.

“I was literally in their shoes not that long ago and I can help,” Kammerer said. “It’s fun to work with people and satisfying to watch them grow. It’s cool to see the evolution.

Students can contact him through his website and submit a Google document of the essay with an explanation of what it requires, he said. Students may ask for general advice or specific help with certain aspects of the piece, such as the conclusion.

Students should contact him as soon as possible, Kammerer said, as the university application deadlines approach.

“The more time we spend on it and the more revisions, the better,” he said. “Testing can be a very important part of their application.”

Kammerer said he would not write any part of the student’s essay; he will brainstorm and lecture with students to provide suggestions and comments. Many editorial prompts focus on challenges or significant events in the lives of students, Kammerer said.

“There’s no formula for writing them down, but I’m not providing it anyway,” Kammerer said. “The goal is to give it a personal touch to make it stand out. I can’t give answers, but I can point them in the right direction and give them more confidence in something that tends to scare people.

Kammerer said his students performed well; a senior from Cape that he worked with last year was accepted by all eight colleges he applied to and also received a scholarship. No matter what school or scholarship students they are interested in, Kammerer said he can give them a better chance of being accepted.

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