How can I improve my essay writing skills


Writing an essay from scratch scares the ghost of most students.

Exposed to high technology and applications where everything is at your fingertips, devoting hours to a single piece of writing can seem like overkill. So many decide to give up on writing, hoping that a STEM career doesn’t require such skills.

But this perception is entirely erroneous. Writing is essential to success in school and any job you choose in the future. You may be wondering why. In a nutshell, the skills developed in essay writing foster critical thinking and creativity and make you a better communicator.

Generally, you don’t need to be a great writer to write a decent essay. However, you must follow specific rules, have a well-thought-out structure, and have a clear position and direction. Impeccable grammar and versatile vocabulary will further boost your academic performance.

If you’re still reluctant, the good news is that you can learn and perfect your writing skills with practice and patience. But it’s an ongoing process that requires you to write as often as possible. Consider the tips outlined below, and you could be honing your inclination in no time.

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Know what you are going to write about before you start writing

Sitting in front of your laptop and typing whatever comes to mind is not the way to go. Seasoned writers realize that writing essays is not a one-time job. Most would agree that before you type a single word, you need to have a concise layout of everything you want to say in your head. What will your thesis be? How will you support your main claim and discredit opposing views?

Admittedly, all of this may seem too complex for an untrained hand. That’s why many students with busy schedules turn to professional services to help me write a college essay on a specific topic. These platforms specialize in personalized content and will strictly follow your requirements.

Still, if you decide to give essay writing a try, start by narrowing down the possible thesis statements. The next step would be to define two or three promising ideas presented through relevant examples. You can also include a counter argument followed by a rebuttal that reinforces your position.

Create an outline

Write a concise outline with rough notes on your key points well in advance of the writing process and use it as a reminder. Also, follow the usual format, i.e. a structure consisting of three segments with a different objective.

Start by sketching out the introductory paragraph that contains background information about your topic. The introductory segment should also introduce your thesis to the reader.

The body paragraphs will describe in detail your main points of support. Each section should discuss a different idea supported by plenty of evidence and examples. Finally, use the conclusion to tie it all together and summarize how your arguments support your thesis. When you’re happy with the plan, use this guide to write your essay.

Improve your grammar and style

Another way to improve your writing skills is to review basic grammar rules. Consider topics such as verb tenses, subject-verb agreement, word order, and article usage, as most students struggle with these aspects. Also, if you doubt a phrase is grammatically current, run a quick search online to make sure it’s correct.

Also familiarize yourself with the most common forms of punctuation. Learn to use commas correctly and keep your sentences short and meaningful.

If you still can’t improve your writing skills, check to see if your school has a writing lab. This way, you can find helpful resources for student success in college, especially when it comes to academic assignments and essay writing.

Finally, your style can make or break your notes. Therefore, be concise and stick to short transition words that connect your ideas. Also, avoid unnecessary verbosity that distracts the audience from your arguments. And remember to steer clear of passive voice constructions. Instead, opt for active voice to set a direct tone that keeps the reader engaged until the end.

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