Ultimate Essay Writing Checklist for College Students


Essay writing presents a dilemma for almost every student, and writing the best essays is not easy. To help you write the best essay every time your teacher or professor assigns you one, here is the ultimate essay writing checklist you should always use.

Let the guidelines help you become an essay writing pro.

What is the Ultimate Essay Writing Checklist?

What you need to confirm

Some of the things you need to make sure are in your essay before submitting it:

  • Review your essay requirements; It is essential to read your essay instructions before you start writing, as this will help you understand what you should write in each part of the essay.
    You need to stick to the topic, address it, and in the most appropriate way to get the best grades.
  • Choose a good topic; based on the stated instructions or follow what your speaker has given as a topic. Some essays offer suggested topics that can be applied in the essay; otherwise, you need to choose one carefully.
    Remember that the best topic will make it easier to write the best essay with ease.
  • Do content research; before you start writing by reviewing what other researchers and authors have written. You can find the best topic if you don’t have one, and your research will back it up.
  • Save a list of research, citations and evidence; to use as you write more so you can use the citations for citations and bibliography. This will save you time while you write and eliminate the risk of skipping a source you used in your essay, which could lead to plagiarism complaints.
  • Create an outline; your entire essay needs a clear outline for each part, introduction, thesis statement, body, and conclusion. Having a good outline before you start writing makes it easier for you to write and it will also take less time. It also keeps you on track and helps you focus on including relevant content that supports your thesis statement.
  • You can now write the essay; after creating your essay plan; although it can be difficult to write, this is one of the easiest steps. More so, if you check all the steps above. It is simply a matter of completing the outline you created above to develop a good essay draft. Sometimes it’s best to leave the introduction as the last part you write, as it should reflect your conclusion at the end of the essay.
  • Revise, edit and proofread carefully; your essay, as this part is considered the most essential written part. This is essential because it helps you confirm if it says exactly what you wanted it to mean and if it makes sense to other readers. The best way to do this is to leave the essay idle for a while and then read it again when your eyes are cool to catch mistakes more easily. Allow a friend to read it. Also use proofreading and plagiarism tools.
  • Make sure you have the quotes; it is the essential piece of the puzzle to ensure you have a good product. Provide any citations you used in the article in the sources section of the essay. Failure will cost you by plagiarism which affects even writing gurus. Give credit to your sources.

You might have a lot of writing experience, but this ultimate essay writing checklist for college students will take you to the next level.

Questions you should ask yourself before submitting the essay

These questions are essential to confirm that you have done all the right things before submitting the essay. Ask yourself the following questions before you even re-read the whole paper.

The questions are;

  1. Does the essay attract attention
    Reread the whole essay as if you hadn’t written it and try to determine if other readers will be interested in reading it to the end without getting bored. If it’s weak, doesn’t grab the reader, seems too predictable or even banal, leaves you hanging, and more. Don’t panic, just re-edit.
  2. Is my body clear?
    The body of your essay should always be informative and introduce the reader to everything they need to know about your topic and your thesis. Make sure the paragraph connections are available and the body is clear and all information is kept short. Provide all the details the reader will need to know.
  3. Will your conclusion create a firm impression?
    The conclusion is not a repetition of the ideas you highlighted in the essay, but rather should be a conclusion of the main parts. Make your readers feel like they didn’t waste their time reading the essay. It shouldn’t seem vague and then let them think about the story after.
  4. Is the bibliography correctly formatted?
    It must conform to the stated guidelines, and more so to the style of writing required by the assignment. Include all bibliographic references that you used in your essay according to the source listing rules.
  5. Is the essay free of grammatical and lexical errors?
    This should be confirmed when you read and re-read the essay in the last part of your writing. Make sure that all necessary phrases are included to avoid any misunderstanding by your reader. This can be achieved through the use of online grammar checkers that help eliminate grammar and lexicon errors.

This ultimate essay writing checklist for college students will ensure that the entire writing process is stress-free and successful as well. Be sure to familiarize yourself with each time you are assigned a tryout. If you think you need expert writing help, contact Academic Writing Services and find a professional writer to help you online. Your papers will always get you the best grades possible!

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