What is the importance of outline in writing an essay?


English and composition teachers at colleges in the United States (and most other countries) recommend that students write their papers before writing them. Unfortunately, few students do. Most think that writing a plan is a useless waste of time. To put an end to this misconception once and for all, here is a list of reasons why the description is actually essential for writing a quality essay.

Description helps you stay on point

One of the issues that many students struggle with is staying on point. It is not uncommon for professors to realize two paragraphs in an essay that the student has moved on to a different topic and has no intention of returning to the one assigned to them. For example, they might start commenting on their favorite educational website in the middle of what was supposed to be an academic article review. Needless to say, authors of such essays cannot expect a high rating.

To avoid going off topic, always start with a plan. All pros at CustomWritings and other online essay writing services recommend outlining each article. They complete custom, personalized essays all the time, so no one knows all the tricks of academic writing better. If you try to follow their expert advice at least once, chances are you’ll never go back to writing without sketching again.

The thing is, if you’re writing an essay from scratch without a plan, it’s easy to get carried away. You might think of something related to what you’re talking about in the paragraph and end up with three paragraphs that have nothing to do with your topic. A plan looks like a route in Google Maps. If you want to go anywhere (including a decent trial), a plan should keep you company.

A plan makes the trial easier to follow

A professional writer or someone with a lot of experience reading essays can see if the author used an outline even from the text of the essay. If you don’t believe it, write three articles with an outline and submit them to your TA along with three of your old essays for review. If your TA agrees to participate in this experiment, ask him to determine which of the essays have been written with a plan. They will probably guess correctly.

Trials started with a plan are much less confusing and easier to follow. Here are some things an outline can improve in an article:

  1. A described trial has more transitions (in the appropriate places). One of the signs of an essay written without an outline is the absence of transition words and phrases (“first”, “consequently”, “therefore”, “in conclusion”, etc.). Whether you’re writing a pitch to convince your client to make a purchase or an academic essay, transitions make it easier for the reader to understand your arguments.
  2. Paragraph structure is better. The description can help improve even the structure of your paragraphs. All paragraphs should have a topic sentence followed by an argument, proof, analysis, and a concluding sentence. Students who don’t describe often break these rules of structure. And they end up losing points.
  3. There are no awkward or misplaced paragraphs. An experienced writer and reader may also notice that any essay written without an outline ends up being somewhat confusing. When you write a plan, you know the order of your arguments. Mixing something up unintentionally is more than likely if you jump straight into writing without first thinking about the structure of your essay.
  4. The writer’s ideas and arguments are not repetitive. Finally, seasoned experts at writing help services say that many of the essays described tend to be repetitive. When you write without a clear structure, it’s easy to get carried away and forget what you were writing about two paragraphs back. This is why almost every professional writing service offers a separate outline feature. Although it’s not free, it’s pretty cheap, so consider getting it if you’re lacking in outlining skills.

Writing an essay saves you time

If you think writing a plan is a waste of time, you’re wrong. In fact, the extra 15-20 minutes you spend writing your essay will cut down the actual writing time much more. A trial plan is like a backbone for your body or a frame for your bike. It holds everything together. You would probably start assembling a bike from the frame. So do yourself a favor and start writing your essay from an outline.

Plus, it gives you a clear idea of ​​what goes where, what the correct order is, and what argument goes next. If you have a plan ready, the writing process becomes seamless. You have everything you need right in front of you. So you end up writing twice as fast as you would without an outline.

Students are always short of time. It always has been and always will be. Some of them are in challenging programs; others have to work their way through college. Even those who aren’t objectively busy don’t have much time because of typical student hobbies like partying. If every student knew how much time they could save by simply writing their essays, professors wouldn’t have to work so hard to get students to write an outline.

Insight can help you beat procrastination

Procrastination is a huge problem, even for students who are consistently at the top of their class. This is unfortunately not original. Tons of distractors, young people’s increasingly short attention spans and lack of discipline have made procrastination the main obstacle to successful learning. It’s a mental health issue as much as a bad habit. Paradoxically, sketching is one of the ways to break it.

One of the surefire ways to beat procrastination is to break down every big task into smaller, more manageable tasks. As all mental health professionals rightly point out, when people are overwhelmed, they are much more likely to procrastinate. The same is true for students. So instead of trying to write your entire seven-page essay in one sitting, divide the work you have to do into several parts. Write a plan on Monday. Then write the first half on Wednesday and the second half on Thursday. Finally, polish your essay over the weekend.

So how do you start describing an essay?

As you can see now, the benefits of description are impossible to ignore. The best way to start sketching is to stop postponing your first trial plan explained in our article. Even if you don’t have an assigned essay yet, Google a prompt and write a short outline to practice with. Or contact professional writing companies with good reviews to buy your first plan or two from them. Also, look for helpful writing resources with outlining tips both online and in the library. Good luck!


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